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It's my grandma's birthday today.

Not any birthday. She just turned three digits, and entered the highly selective club of centenarians. I've now got a full century worth of grandma.

I was about to say, and what a darned fucked up century to have lived through, but the one before was only marginally better in some respects and worst still in others. She doesn't talk much about all she's seen, for a variety of reasons, but sometimes I wish she did. The Internet must be unthinkable magic to her, and the world must seem crazy. She's mostly withdrawn from it anyway.

Good going, grandma. Here's to another century.

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My one Grandfather lived 95 years. He remembered electricity being brought to our home town, the first car in the town, he lived through both world wars. Towards the end he mostly ignored the modern world.
He was an interesting man.
I regret not recording his stories he had a very interesting life.

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It must be crazy, seeing so much change in one's lifetime. No wonder old people nowadays would tend to stay away from the modern world.

You gotta wonder what the world will be like by the time our generation reaches their age, though. Our children will already have a hard time fathoming how we lived without cell phones and the Internet.

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I don't suppose she'd understand if you said that a polycultural virtualised avatar wolf from the blogosphere had sent her an electronic yowl of approbation, so I'll just congratulate you instead. Well done for having a Century Granny.

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Actually, I'd gladly tell her that, to the word, but she can't hold a phone very long anymore and it might take me a while to get all that out correctly. :/ Thanks for the good thoughts, though! *noses*

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Congrats, best wishes of decent health to her for her new century!

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Now you've got to beat the record she's setting for close ones born on that day. It's your duty. *nods*