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Balinares ([personal profile] balinares) wrote2011-06-13 11:08 pm

A Game of Thrones: LOL.

So we just came back from a beautiful weekend with friends, in time to catch this week's episode of Game of Thrones.

Now I'm reading reaction threads from non-book-readers on the Internet.

It's like delicious candy.

(Attention non-book-readers and non-series-watchers: go do either NOW before the Internet spoils the fuck outta you. I'm not kidding. You can only learn once who Luke's father is, and I don't even know how I'm going to preserve my kids' innocence on that.)

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Also, Luke's father is actually Professor Layton, it just hasn't been revealed yet...


(As for keeping it a surprise for your kids... do you think that, by the time he's old enough to be spoiled, people in his age range will even know of Luke?)

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Well played, my young padawan. :P

(And as for the Skywalker filiation, I expect my sons to discover the movies the same way you and I did... Neither of us, I think, was old enough to see them at the time of their release!)

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I don't know about the "only once" part. Granted, I had a headache coming, but I did feel a little sick even though I knew perfectly what was coming...

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Oh, yes. The way it was filmed was nothing short of masterful. I especially liked how everything slowly went silent...