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Ok, in the face of a massive uptick in comment spam, I've turned off anonymous commenting. I didn't want to do that, because sometimes you get something like this, but this was no longer tenable. At first screening all anonymous comments by default seemed to work; now they no longer care. Screw them, dammit.

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With so many automatic spambots running through LJ posts, twitter and facebook scraping, moderating would be a constant time drain.

I followed your link back to the original post, that was awesome! I recently had a HD die and I went through major efforts to recover, complete with freezing the thing. But, alas. The only thing left for me to do would be to swap the electronics boards with a new drive and the drive maker had blocked that by using a unique, and I'm sure a proprietary, screw head design. I think I will rejoice when all rotating mechanical storage devices are extinct. Long live SSDs!

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Well, that's the thing with HD recovery: the eventual outcome involves a large amount of luck. In that particular case, I was lucky to manage to extract that much data from drive before it finally kicked it. So now I'm rather more paranoid about keeping regular backups. :/