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Balinares ([personal profile] balinares) wrote2011-06-25 10:54 pm

Like Your Regular Fad, Only Sparklier.

So, basically, the entire Internet is abuzz with...

... This.

Yes, I know, people everywhere are raving about it. Grown males people. No, I haven't watched it. Me, of the avowed equine affections, of the cuddles-are-awesome outlook, I've... kinda skirted the show. I mean, I watch Doctor Who and Game of Thrones, and this is for girls. KIDLY girls.

... And I'm kinda self conscious. :|

This is the plight of our generation. Our parents didn't have such choices to make.

... Bah, who the fuck am I kidding. :[ *heads over to YouTube*

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Our parents didn't have such choices to make.

'course not. Kid shows back then just showed us everything, from City Hunter to Princess Sarah, and there was no disclaimer reading: "Warning boys, this is for girls, go play soccer outside or you'll turn gay!"

(Which would have been hopelessly wrong. I never liked Princess Sarah.)

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I see your Princess Sarah and raise you an Aoi Blink. :]

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Damn, why can't I have a good old Galaxy Express 999 when I need one?!

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Because it's vastly lacking in the pony department.

Never overlook the pony factor.

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Wasn't there an episode with a heart-eating ferret though? Or was that also from Aoi Blink?

(Well, no ponies in Princess Sarah either. And in Remy, the pony would probably have died at some point...)

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You tell me. I only ever watched one episode of Aoi Blink, and gen. 1 MLP, shall we say, belonged in a forbidden realm where I was not welcome.

Thank heavens now I'm a YouTube-equipped adult and I can watch whatever the bloody hell I want. Now if only this work day would be over already so I can resume watching episode after episode. c_c

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"Oh hey, never knew about that, let's look up the premise and OH THANKS WIKIPEDIA FOR SPOILING THE FINAL REVEAL." I really, really detest that aspect of Wiki. You can't look up a page on a book or movie at all, because spoilers are being thrown about like they're going out of fashion. If a forum can have spoiler tags I fail to see why Wiki can't.

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Yyyyeah, Wikipedia wants you to KNOW ALL, whether you wanted to or not. Don't ever try to look up rare diseases there. Or at least turn pictures off. x_x

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