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From zero to major brony in somewhat under 72h.

Anybody didn't see this coming, raise a hoof. :P

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Knew it. ^_^

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Well. :) I did expect to enjoy it in a "giggle and then move on" sort of way. But the series has such a lot of heart, and such a communicative love for its characters and setting, that you can't help getting pulled in.


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I am hardly surprised.

Re: Brony

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Well, what can I say? Maybe I'm becoming predictable, with age. :)

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Aw, god, not you too. :(

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It's like a zombie horde! Except considerably more adorable.
If you mind it that much, though, I'll try to remember to keep it out of your face; and if I forget -- I do tend to forget stuff these days -- please feel free to remind me. This new interest doesn't negate anything that came before. It's just a new dash of colors on the same old canvas. :)

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Fortunately, I only have a large paw to raise...

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You, of all, not seeing this coming! Goes to show we don't spend enough time together these days. *hugs*

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You misread me — well, I phrased it poorly too. I wouldn't have raised a hoof anyway. Which is cool, 'cos I don't have any. Hooves, I mean. 'cos, you know... Orange, white, black, stripes, whiskers, purr...

What surprises me is that it took you so LONG to get into it! I thought you knew all that stuff already, what with rescuing stray ponies at work and all! :)

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It's... not really the same thing. The Entreprise Pony Solution was more of a statement of defiance toward backward corporate thinking / slash / a general untargetted way for me to try and wrestle some measure of whimsy back into my life. It never crossed my mind to try and watch the show back then (and as well it didn't -- it turns out that generation 3.5 MLP is horrifying).

This, well, is similar to the leap between liking cats in general and outright turning furry. It impacts the way you go about your everyday life in peripheral but meaningful ways; there are some elements of identity attached, as often when the fandom comes with its own moniker (brony, furry, trekkie). Current endeavor: getting a branch named 'rainbow dash' into the git repo, in order to make it about 20% cooler. :)

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I know you know I mean it in a nice way, I still have to say it: my friend, you're so gay. Adorably so, should I add!

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Actually, that's one bit I'd like to see chalked up to the credit of the series: at LAST people are beginning to acknowledge the utter disconnect between a guy's sexual preferences and his choice of entertainment. Even if the latter should involve ponies and rainbows. :)

(This being said, the one rainbow-themed character also happens to be the one behaving the most contrary to gender stereotypes... Hmm. :))

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I did not see this post on account of not being logged in (as it is private due to shameful content), so I say it here :


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Thanks! I should have figured you were one too. :D

And not my fault if the world is mean.

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Bah, the heck. I made it public. It's not like I'm the only one from my demographic segment to be taken in. :)